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Dec 2015

  Hamilton Labels News Update  

Hamilton announces the successful installation of the latest MPS EF Series UV Flexo Multi Colour Printing Press.

The third press to come from MPS in 5 years !
As with our existing presses this machine has the atributes to deliver the highest quality labels, plus this new EF flexo press has many new features including the ability to produce multi layer label constructions.



  Sept 2015  
  Hamilton confirm ongoing BRC Certification

In Sept 2015 we successfully acheived certification for the BRC Packaging Global Standard for the 7th year running.





  March 2014  

International Brewing guru Charlie Bamforth meets up with relative at Beer X Sheffield...

Charlie Bamforth, the Anheuser-Busch Professor of Brewing Science at the University of California Davis takes time out from his busy schedule at Beer X to meet his relative Simon Meikle on the Hamilton Adhesive Labels stand, ICE Sheffield.


Charlie, who has 35 years of experience in the brewing industry, much of it spent working for Bass, proved popular with the assembled brewers. Charlie explained to the conference why beer is the healthiest alcoholic drink of all. 
“He’s a legend in the brewing industry and it’s a rare opportunity to hear him speak in the flesh,” said Ed Mason of the London-based Five Points Brewing Company. “The audience were hanging off his every word.”

As a member of The Society of Independent Brewers Association. Hamilton manufacture bottle labels for more than 30 brewers throughout the UK.

The last word went to the BBC’s Nigel Barden, who co-presented the Brewing Awards called it: “Drinking on Ice”!

Simon Mashiter and Simon Meikle of Hamilton Labels on our BeerX stand March 2014..




January 2014


Peel & Reveal Labels now available...
Bespoke peel and reveal labels with a self-adhesive base label incorporating a dry removable top layer to reveal extra print surfaces. This top layer can be either ‘hinged’ to the base layer to prevent full removal or left so the top layer can be fully removed, particular useful for returnable coupons for example. The removable portion can be either dry or left with permanent or peel able adhesive, perhaps for applications where the top layer is then to be applied to coupon cards for example.
They also reduce your need for secondary labelling, reducing your costs.
Peel and reveal label constructions offer unlimited possibilities for solving the problem of overcrowded labels. Already used extensively for on-pack promotions where additional space is required to get the message across in full, these innovative labels are also in demand to accommodate lengthy instructions and multi-languages.
Uses include money-off coupons, recipes, competitions, market research, offers and multi-language labels.
Please contact us for further information and samples.



December 2013


Shelf Impact with special effects...
With increasing pressure on manufacturers to provide products with maximum shelf appeal they are turning to packaging companies to supply products that differentiate them from their competitors
The necessity for textured and aesthetically premium finishes is increasingly in demand.
Hamilton’s have responded by investing in research and development to reveal a range of varnishes which can enhance the visual appeal of any label product.
‘Course’ or ‘Smooth’ textured affects can be created by applying a number of varnishes to label substrates. Reticulation occurs which can result in a tangible  effect.
Soft Touch varnishes can be applied to create a ‘suede-like’ feel.
‘Super Matt’ varnish can be applied to label substrates which can highlight various print detail or take on the look and feel of a matt, rough effect.
For your next project, you may consider a ‘Pearlescent’ or ‘Glitter’ type ink -incorporated into your label design. These can be supplied in various colours.
These techniques outlined above can provide amazing impact whilst offering increased customer appeal whilst remaining cost effective.



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